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Best 2D Animation Program for Kids by PIEX Education

2-Dimensional Animation Course by PIEX Education

2D animation is the art of designing motion in a two-dimensional space which can be found everywhere! From cartoon animations, marketing explainer videos, mobile and computer games, and so much more.

Whilst most of the animations today are expected to be 3-Dimensional, the use of 2D in digital media is dominant worldwide. It is inspiring the young generation of kids to unleash their creativity and turn their ideas into reality. 

What are the benefits of learning 2D animation design?

2D animation is a great medium for storytelling. It is a means of expression in a unique and easy-to-understand way. Learning animation gives kids the opportunity to do something unique with individuality that presents their ideas and realizes their efforts. The amazing thing about 2D animation is that creating animation involves not just developing the digital illusion of movement, but also crafting stories, building characters, penning scripts, recording voice-over and drawing! Animate 2D courses by PIEX Education bring out a creator from your kids. 



What are the potential soft skills your kids will gain through PIEX’s 2D animation program? 

2D animation for kids gives wings to your kids’ creativity and imagination. For instance, kids are encouraged to express their individual creativity, skill, and talent through character designs. As cited above, the animation isn’t only about the animation itself, sometimes it takes 2-4 months to complete a 30-minute animation story because every single move in each frame means every second! This helps develop patience and perseverance in kids. Kids will also have a great sense of accomplishment upon completion of an animation video which will boost the confidence of the kids. 


What do your kids learn through PIEX’s 2D animation program?

PIEX Education offers weekly virtual animation courses guided by experienced coaches where children learn to design and create their own animation at their own pace. Each animation session starts with an idea, purpose, and a message catered to the kid’s interests and passion. 

Through PIEX’s 2D Animation Course, kids will learn about 

  • 12 principles of animation
  • script writing
  • background creation
  • character design
  • programming using Scratch MIT scratch coding software



At PIEX Education, we celebrate and embrace each child’s uniqueness by allowing them to express their creativity in a safe environment. Unleash your kid’s inner artist now by registering for our 2D animation course here.

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