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This Women’s Day PIEX Explores ‘Women In STEM’

March is here! We are in the amazing Women’s History Month. Last year’s theme for International Women’s Day was #EachforEqual. Something that the world is in dire need of.  But what do you understand by that? What does equality mean to you? This is a simple enough message, but in

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Why Play Based Learning is Important?

Play based learning is essential for a well-rounded educative process. It works for adults and surely does wonders for kids. It is easier to remember things when they have positive association. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” –  Said George Bernard

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A Woman Who Cares

Liling Ong: A Woman Who Cares Dreams can be fulfilled only by those who believe in their dreams. These individuals have the willpower to turn their dreams into reality. Today, most people dream of a well-paid job, plenty of perks and a comfortable life. However, some choose to give these

Challenge based Learning framework
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Challenge-Based Learning

Fundamental of Challenge-Based Learning Challenge-based learning (CBL) started with the movement of “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow—Today” which identifies the crucial design principles of the 21st century learning environment (Apple Inc., 2020). CBL builds on the theory of experiential learning founded by John Dewey, Kurt Lewin and Jean Piaget (Kolb, 1984).

Education and Modern Technology

Education and Modern Technology Using modern technology in the classroom can be a controversial subject. Are we becoming slaves to technology? Will technology end up replacing our teachers? This debate has raged on for years.Technological advances have provided innovations such as educational technology apps used by both students and teachers

Embracing Lifelong Learning

Embracing Lifelong Learning Michelangelo was at the ripe old age of 87 when he said, “I’m still learning.”  From Michelangelo to Eleanor Roosevelt to Gandhi, they have all spoken of the need to foster a love of learning that never ends.  Learning is the foundation for continuous self-improvement, excellence and

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The Role of Teachers in Modern Education

The Role of Teachers in Modern Education The role of teachers in teaching children has declined for many years. The teacher stands in front of the classroom by the white or blackboard and communicates information for children to learn through repetition.Success is judged on children’s abilities to remember this information

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Cultivating kids interests to learn 2D animation

Cultivating kids interests to learn 2D animation   The evolution of education and technology has allowed today’s kids to explore and gain ample opportunities to ‘flex’ and ‘stretch’ their creative muscles. PIEX Education’s tailor-made animation programs for kids combine creativity, teamwork and technology, such as their 2D animation design course

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What will children learn at PIEX’s upcoming STEAM school holiday programs?

What will children learn at PIEX‘S upcoming STEAM school holiday programs? With winter school holidays coming up, parents often look for programs that are both fun and instructive so their children can keep learning even while taking a break from school. If you have been looking for great educative options,

2D animation

2D animation courses can develop Lifelong Learning

2D animation courses can develop Lifelong Learning No matter the subject material or topic, 2D animation courses can be invaluable to show and explain to children the key learning areas they need for their overall learning and development (Farmer, 2021). What are the benefits of 2D animation courses in education?

2D animation

Can a 2D animation course develop IQ, EQ and SQ?

Can a 2D animation course develop IQ, EQ and SQ? Enrolling in a 2D animation course and using 2D animation software can help to communicate complex ideas and concepts far more effectively. This is especially because it is often easier to show a person how something works instead of trying

2D animation

Step by step guide for your kids to create their own 2D animation design

Step by step guide for your kids to create their own 2D animation design Stories have a way of capturing our senses and taking us to an unimaginable world. If you notice your kid gets excited about story time before bed or loves watching cartoon animation, you should spend some

2D animation

2D Animation for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide from PIEX Education

2D Animation for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide from PIEX Education Ever wanted to know what 2D animation entails? PIEX Education provides the ultimate guide to creating 2D animation for beginners and how your child can get enrolled and started today! What is the process of creating 2D animation? The 2D

2D animation

Animation Design for Kids

Animation Design for Kids Ever noticed your child may have a knack for drawing and a passion for animation? Here at PIEX Education, we understand how animation design and animation programs for kids can be highly beneficial for their present and future endeavours! What is Animation Design? Animation design combines

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The ultimate guide to choosing an online program for kids

The Ultimate Guide to choosing an Online Program for Kids Technology has taken the world of education to a whole new level. It was projected that the online education market will reach USD 350 billion by 2025, powered by an advanced artificial intelligence-drive platform (Research and Markets, 2019). With so


How Scratch Coding can be incorporated into School Curriculum for kids

How Scratch Coding can be incorporated into School Curriculum for kids In the K-6 Science and Technology syllabus, thinking skills such as computational, science, system, design, critical and creative thinking are key. This helps kids to tackle everyday problems, unfamiliar information and form new ideas effectively (NESA, 2021). Therefore, incorporating

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Best 2D Animation Program for Kids by PIEX Education

Best 2D Animation Program for Kids by PIEX Education 2-Dimensional Animation Course by PIEX Education 2D animation is the art of designing motion in a two-dimensional space which can be found everywhere! From cartoon animations, marketing explainer videos, mobile and computer games, and so much more. Whilst most of the

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