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Two Boys Working on the laptop to control their educational robot, mBot.
Covid-19 can be argued to be one of the greatest challenges faced worldwide.The pandemic has demonstrated the need for quick and responsive thinking of businesses to stop the spread. Covid-19 has set the standard of fast development of digital technologies in response to the pandemic,and there are no signs of it slowing down in the future. Studies argue that increased funding has opened up more digital job opportunities that will only continue to grow in the future. 

Inspired by this new development, PIEX is proud to present our newest holiday program. To prepare children for the 21st century with a focus on coding for kids. We introduce the PIEX Human Body Winter Holiday Program. 

Technology and Medicine – Better together 

The pandemic has reinforced the need to act fast and effectively. The implementation of the Service NSW App is one example of the achievements of technology in controlling and managing the spread of Covid-19. The App allows the government health officials to respond faster and efficiently to COVID-19 outbreaks in different regions of the state. The App and QR codes record an estimated 2.5 million COVID-19 check-ins daily! Further, QR codes can help improve communication between patients, healthcare providers such as the admission of patients. QR codes can be fixed to patients’ medical bracelets in order for medical professionals to easily access patient information.  Additionally, QR codes can assist medical treatment at home such as;
  • Providing instructions on dosage for prescription medications
  • Provide detailed product information and drug safety
  • Show video information to to demonstrate usage of medication
The humble QR code has become the new normal for us and it is only a matter of time for new technologies to become a part of our everyday life.  “It’s probably the way of the future, I think more and more businesses will start adopting it.” ABC News
A person scanning the QR Code with their mobile
“It’s probably the way of the future, I think more and more businesses will start adopting it.”

Importance of technology in Modern Medicine – 3D Printing 

3D printers may not be the newest technology, however they are becoming increasingly popular in medicine and present many opportunities for patients and surgeons. According to Allied Market Research, it is estimated that the 3D printing value will reach $3,692 million by 2026 ($2,719 million up from 2018). 3D printing in medicine can provide benefits such as:  – Reduced operative risks and providing more detailed understanding of patient anatomy – Minimising risk of infection as surgery process is precise  – Shortened operation time for patients – Reduced aftercare time in recovery and faster rehabilitation

3D printing not only helps in surgery rooms, but also plays a vital role in the creation of prosthetics, reconstructions and robotics. The Human Body Winter Holiday Program for Kids will help them explore the function of robotics and technology in modern medicine; and stress the importance of coding for change. 

Coding is Not just for Coders 

Computer science is not just for programmers and coders. Researchers say that a background in computer science combined with medicine creates a powerful combination to revolutionise the health industry. This duo develops critical thinking and creativity skills that are useful in modern medicine practices. At PIEX Education, we embrace and celebrate change in our technological world; and teaching coding for kids is one way we are doing that! We can only imagine what the future will look like with new technologies. Therefore, we strive to be future ready and forward thinking and prepare children with this mindset to respond to future demands of the 21st century with our school holiday programs. “Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs

Coding for Kids

Our programs are designed for kids between 6-12 years old and incorporate STEAM learning principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and Play Based Learning practices. The Human Body Winter Holiday Program will provide children hands-on activities to develop skills required for the 21st century; creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and social skills to embrace change and lead with force in the future. Children will learn about the functions of the body, role of our organs, and create DIY models of organs. Watch to learn more about our upcoming Human Body Holiday program.

We extend learning outside of the classroom to provide a unique opportunity for your children; to experience a new way of learning centered around technology and coding. Enroll your kids today and guide the doctors of tomorrow!

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