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Exploring The Tropical Rainforests : PIEX Education’s Spring 2022 School Holiday Program

At PIEX Education’s upcoming spring school holiday program, kids will be part of another fun and exciting holiday learning program that will get them exploring and better understanding the beauty, danger and dynamism of the world’s tropical rainforests.

The world’s rainforests are the oldest living ecosystems on the planet. Having been around since the time of the dinosaurs.

Rainforests can be found on every continent on earth, except for Antarctica. As such, the rainforests our planet possesses are categorised into two types; temperate which consist of rainforest regions found within cooler or colder climates of the world, and tropical rainforests which are found in more warmer parts of the planet possessing hotter climates, lying typically near the equator.

What can Your Kids do in NSW in the next School Holidays?

If you’re looking for something that’s educational with a whole lot of fun mixed in for these next school holidays – then PIEX’s upcoming school holiday program in Sydney, will get your kids exploring the magnificence of tropical rainforests, home to half the world’s fauna and flora!

In this fun, upcoming spring school holiday program, your kids get to explore everything beautiful and dangerous about tropical rainforests. This will also include learning about how and why the rainforest’s native birds have the types of unique beaks they have. And in doing so will get to be part of a fun STEAM-based activity designed by PIEX’s leading experts. As such, STEM education is extremely important in the NSW school curriculum catering to all students’ learning abilities and backgrounds, challenging and equipping them with the key skills to think creatively and solve many of the world’s complex problems (NSW Government, 2021). Thus, PIEX and its team will use all the necessary STEM learning and teaching practices to get your kids started in developing the key knowledge and skills in this NSW school curriculum area, while also learning about the wonders of tropical rainforests, including their fauna and flora. This in turn will give your kids the opportunity to think creatively through the different STEM activities provided by PIEX to solve the palm-oil problem that has severely affected tropical rainforests for many years. 

As such, PIEX Education and its team are well-equipped and knowledgeable in the topic of tropical rainforests, and your kids will build interest in and become engaged with the world around them. This will also include them better understanding the importance of sustainability, which is a key cross-curriculum priority of the NSW school curriculum (NSW Government, 2021).  

This upcoming 3-day school holiday program, as part of the NSW school curriculum will also get your kids started in their geographical inquiry and better understand the interactions between people, places and environments, becoming better informed, more responsible and active citizens (NSW Government, 2021). 

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Can Scratch be used for Robotics and How will it be Incorporated into the Tropical Rainforest School Holiday Program?

PIEX Education and its team will use the amazing capabilities of scratch coding by MIT Scratch, running through the necessary layout of scratch (introducing new students and activating prior knowledge of existing students). This will give your kids the great opportunity to perform different creative actions from MIT Scratch’s visual programming software, enabling them to create their own games and animation design

Furthermore, towards the end of this spring school holiday program, your kids will get the exciting chance to go into robotics and use their visual programming skills from Mblock coding to come up with creative ways of saving and preserving the world’s tropical rainforests for future generations! 

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