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Coding In-School Program

Unlocking Digital Horizons

Children will learn the underlying basic logic of digital coding and its 
implications for their future. Using the Scratch software, the kids will be able 
to experience their code through the creation of 
animations & games.

Empowering Students with NESA-Aligned STEAM Education

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5 x 1 hour lessons

*additional costs for printing of 3D models

10 x 1 hours lesson

*additional costs for printing of 3D models


“I love it!
It was amazing!”

Russell, student

“Students engagement was high.”

Emma Privett, teacher

“It was really fun!”

Albert Reed, student

“Enjoying with PIEX over the past 2 year.
Allowed students to develop strong understanding and skills.”

Victoria Mills, teacher

“Students are engaged and enjoy the lessons very much!”

Mona Gippert, teacher

Exploring Kids' Past Projects

Witness Student Brilliance through previous In-School 2D animation, 3D modelling and coding Programs

Frequently asked questions

How long is each in-school program lesson?

We provide 5 hours in-school program which could be completed in 5 to 7 lessons, depending on the duration of each lesson. We are happy to tailor it to suit your school’s needs

Does the school need to supply devices?

Yes, children will be using the school laptops or iPads for the in-school programs

Can we customize the programs to match specific topics and themes

Yes, we can tailor our in-school programs to align with your preferred themes and topics and also aligned to the school curriculum