Micro-credentials and Adaptive Learning Education

There is a disconnection between education, training and the employment system in Australia. Oftentimes, the skills and knowledge children gain in schools are irrelevant at work. Employers are often required to retrain and reskill the fresh graduates before they can be productive in their work. 

One solution to tackle this problem is to introduce micro-credentials combined with adaptive learning education in schools. 


What is micro-credential?

Micro credentials consists of short and low cost online courses that provide students with relevant skills and knowledge in a particular area. Students will receive a “digital badge” or digital certificate upon completion of the course. Take for instance, a student who wishes to create an animation video to create awareness about cybersecurity. The student can learn through short online courses about how to craft a creative storyboard, how to do an impactful voice over as well as how to create a memorable animation using Scratch coding software. 


Why is micro-credential useful?

Micro-credentials allow personalised and relevant training to prepare students for specific projects or industry areas. This targeted and just-in-time learning approach provides the right skills and knowledge that can be used immediately in their work. Being able to apply the recently-gained knowledge will further help them to internalise and retain such knowledge. Furthermore, this approach allows future employers to hire employees with the right skillset who can be productive from day one, saving both time and training costs. 


Adopting Adaptive learning Education

Adaptive learning education system provides a custom learning experience that addresses the learner’s needs.  Due to advancements in technology, adaptive learning combined with learning analytics could provide positive learning experiences to students. For instance, artificial intelligence based learning systems allow teachers to collect data about student’s learning activities such as time spent completing each task, response latency as well as assessment results. This allows teachers to easily identify students who are struggling with their learning and take appropriate interventions to assist them. 


Micro-credentials combined with adaptive learning education

Micro-credentials combined with an adaptive learning education system should replace the existing education system, which has existed since the beginning of the second industrial revolution. Students should be encouraged to embark on a lifelong journey to gain knowledge and skills that align with their interests and passion. Partnership with educators, government, industry leaders as well as parents and students should be encouraged to create a meaningful education system applicable to the real-world.