Liling Ong

Liling has always had a passion for learning and development of kids. She knew that she wanted to work with kids at a very young age. However, she was influenced by her parents, spent much of her early career and education in business and finance. She spent almost four years in the finance industry working as a financial adviser.

The turning point of her life came in December 2015 when she visited and spent her Christmas with the orphans in Cambodia. The event rekindled her love for kids and the desire to have a positive impact in children’s life.

She left her well paid finance career in February 2016 and started to pursue her passion. She joined an incubator program to learn about start up, high growth business, as well as rapid learning. By September 2016, she left the incubator and joined an education start up that help develop kids and grow via STEAM learning program.

Today, she runs PIEX Education full time while pursuing her Master in Education (Learning and Leadership) at University of Technology Sydney. She wishes to use her knowledge to help develop both coaches and children as aspiring and successful future leaders.


Dr. Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen

Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen was born in Sydney. Education: Diploma, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, B. Ed (ART) from COFA; Gd. Dip. (Adult Ed.) from UTS; MA (Environmental Design) from Canberra University, PhD from School of Education, Macquarie University.
Bronwen presents ‘creativity’ workshops at several international and national conferences around the world particularly, in conjunction with Art In Society International Conferences (since 2009 till present). Her articles have been accepted in nine peer-reviewed journals. In 2015, she presented workshops in Portugal, Madrid and at London University. 2016, Bronwen is invited to present at British Columba University, Vancouver and ULAC. Bronwen’s PhD research (2010-2015) is in Visual and Creative Arts Education, School of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney. Bronwen is currently a Research Fellow in Science education where she is evaluating the National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP) examining the retention and aspirations of low socio-economic students particularly, Indigenous youth. Forming socio-cultural partnerships with diverse cultural communities –of-practice (CoP) with educational institutions is a major goal. Current creative partnerships include Australia, Korea, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan and bilingual education between Australia and China.

Vincent Lim

Vincent Lim is a lawyer and fund manager in Sydney. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments from FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) and he has been a Fellow of FINSIA since 2002.

Vincent believes that good education is a key and important contributor to a child’s development, progress and success. He also believes that the foundation for a child’s successful and brilliant future ought to be laid as early as possible in life.

Whilst each child may have his or her own preferred activities, the common theme in all of the fun, exciting and affordable programs offered by PIEX is learning and progressing through sharing, collaboration and teamwork.

Vincent is excited to be able to contribute as a member of the PIEX team in providing a creative environment for kids to learn, including from each other, play and innovate. Over the years, Vincent has also mentored many University students and graduates and he continues to share his knowledge, skills and passion for learning with all his mentees.



Jessica is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor Science majoring in Biomolecular Science and Chemistry at Macquarie University.

Understanding that education specifically within STEM subjects is the key to Australia’s future prosperity and growth, Jessica is excited by the opportunity to encourage critical thinking, creativity and success in our next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

What drew her to PIEX education was their like-minded passion to go beyond what is rigidly taught in classrooms and fuel a child’s inherent curiosity through fun and engaging activities that not only build a solid interdisciplinary foundation in STEM but also develop social awareness in STEM’s ability to improve living standards.

Jessica’s future pursuits are aimed at making a positive impact within the sectors of climate science and agriculture as well as using her legal knowledge to advocate for greater investment in scientific research and increased representation of females within STEM-related fields.

Jessica Nguyen

Jessica is currently studying Bachelor of Arts with a degree in Bachelor of Primary Education at Macquarie University. Studying and working in the field of education has always been a desire of hers since she was young as she took on the role as a representative at Student Representative Committee to being a teaching assistant throughout her school years.
This has given her the opportunity to represent and advocate for her class as well as interact with youth through faith which ultimately has led her to her passion to teach children as a career.
Jessica aspires to be an individual who can provide and give access to education to all children despite circumstance, gender, economic and social status in Australia and with hopes that one day she can reach out to children in other countries.

Ivan Luo

Ivan is currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry with Bachelor of Secondary Education at Macquarie University. With a firm passion in education and science, he believes that everyone- regardless of their circumstances should be able to experience opportunities in education just as everyone else. After graduation, he aims to be a high school science teacher.

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