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From online coding, after school & holiday programs to specialised teacher
training, PIEX is your new partner in STEAM learning

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For Parents

Online Coding

Choose from group learning or our one-to-one online coding course. Your kids can join the class from the comfort of home and start the wonderful journey of learning code.

STEAM After School & Holiday Programs

After school & holiday programs offer a variety of courses to fit your child’s goals and lifestyle.

3D Modelling

Your kids will learn to create amazing 3D models using popular TinkerCAD software.

3D Game Design & Animation

Your children will discover the joys of game design and animation in this fun and easy to learn course

For Schools & Teachers

STEAM Teachers Training Course

Take your Staff and School into the 21st century with STEAM training for teachers

Hear from some of our happy kids & teachers

Dante had the most wonderful time, he was extremely happy after day 1 and even more so after the 2nd day post their presentations. He learnt so much, such a fun, interactive way to learn about and work with technology and coding.
Cathy Tropiano
Chloe had a great time and was so excited recounting each day all the new things she learnt. She really enjoyed the problem-solving challenges with her teammates and was well guided by the coaches.
Ivy Lai
I do appreciate your staff members’ kindness and support constantly demonstrating throughout the classes. Joyce has been enjoying the learning process very much and I am glad to see her growth and skill development in STEAM.
Feiyue Gao