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Step by step guide for your kids to create their own 2D animation design

Stories have a way of capturing our senses and taking us to an unimaginable world. If you notice your kid gets excited about story time before bed or loves watching cartoon animation, you should spend some time exploring this 2D animation design program.

What is 2D animation design ?

2D animation design is the creation and movement of objects in a two dimensional plane – up, down, left and right and is often found in cartoons, movies, advertisements etc.

Why should you learn 2D animation design?

Animation programs are a really good option for creative and imaginative kids who show interest in reading anime or storytelling and most importantly are interested in bringing their stories to life.
PIEX’s animation design program helps kids nurture their natural talent of imagination, creativity and the love of stories. It helps them develop a holistic view of the animation process – writing the stories, sketching characters and background, recording voice overs and finally creating their own animated story! Furthermore, it will also empower kids to potentially turn their interests into a career in the future.

How can kids create 2D animation ?

At PIEX, we teach kids how to create a full fledged 2D animation video in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Story telling and creative writing

Kids not only become better listeners, they also develop both reading and writing skills through storytelling. According to research, it was found that kids’ critical thinking, cognitive engagement and story sequencing abilities increased through oral storytelling (Agosto, 2016). Through this process, kids work together to create their own stories based on the theme / topics for the term. Once the story is written, they will transfer their stories into a storyboard. Storyboard is a graphic organiser that consists of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of visualising an animation, motion picture or interactive media sequence.

Step 2: Designing the Characters

Kids will then work together to design their own characters. Every good story always has the good guys and the bad guys – also called a hero and an enemy. Kids use softwares such as Scratch or ibisPaint to start sketching their characters – their bodies, faces, the different expressions and emotions that the characters will express.



Step 3: Designing the Background

Backgrounds set the stage and atmosphere for a story and having an excellent background design help arouse desired emotions in the viewers. Depending upon the scenes that take place in the story, various background layers will be designed.

Step 4: Animate using Scratch coding software

Once the story is set, the characters are sketched and the backgrounds are ready, the kids will now put together their final animation design using Scratch coding software software.
If you’re looking for an animation design program for your kid, register for a free trial now at https://www.piexeducation.com/2d-animation/

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