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The Ultimate Guide to choosing an Online Program for Kids

Technology has taken the world of education to a whole new level. It was projected that the online education market will reach USD 350 billion by 2025, powered by an advanced artificial intelligence-drive platform (Research and Markets, 2019). With so many online programs for kids in the market, it could be a daunting task for parents to choose the right programs for their kids.   

This is a comprehensive guide for parents so who wish to enrol their kids in online programs. 

What is an online learning program?

Online Learning, also known as e-learning, is internet-based program where kids learn in a virtual environment. This enables kids from all over the world to engage and learn with other kids online, at their own pace. 

What kind of programs are offered to kids by PIEX Education?

Kids in the digital age are always fascinated by games and animation and many kids start playing games and watching cartoon at a very young age. PIEX Education provides interactive virtual learning environment for kids where they learn coding, 2D animation, 3D game design, and 3D modeling.

What do kids learn in online coding program?

PIEX’s coding program consist of 3 different levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced, with 25 different games in total. Kids will progress at their own pace throughout the program and our dedicated coaches will assist the kids during the virtual lessons. 

Kids use Scratch coding software to create games such as the catch game, maze game, pong game, asteroids, platformer and more. The entire program is tailored to the kids’ needs and interests. 


What do kids learn in the 2D animation program?

2D animation is a technique of creating the movement of characters in a 2-dimensional space. 2D animations are usually found in animated cartoons, animated movies, video games, and more. 

Through the 2D animation program, kids start with digital storytelling and the 12 concepts of animation. Kids will then dive into characters and background design where they could unleash their creativity by creating their own animation. Kids will then learn to put together the final animation using Scratch coding software. 

What do kids learn in the 3D game design program?

Kids learn to create and code three-dimensional games using Unity Bolt scripting software.  Kids learn different features and resources of Unity to make games such as ball rolling, maze, escape room, and more. 

What do kids learn through a 3D modeling program?

3D modeling is a process of creating a three-dimensional representation of objects using TinkerCAD software. 3D modeling is being used in video games, videos, movies, advertisements, and more.

Kids learn different techniques of combining and cutting basic shapes to create new objects, which include chamfer, fillet, bevel, shell, stamp and more. Kids gain useful technical and engineering skills as well as develop spatial thinking skills through the 3D modelling program. 

How are online programs structured?

Online courses are assigned to students when students enrolled in the program. Each course consists of an introduction to the project with clear objectives/outcomes. Kids will go through the subject content each week at their own pace. 

The courses consist of video content created by our qualified coaches, aligned to the school curriculum. This allows students to pause and replay lessons while they work towards their final project. Our dedicated coaches help to provide learning support, resolve any queries, provide feedback on assessments as well as monitor the kid’s progress. 


What are the benefits of online learning programs?

The benefits of an online learning program are as follows:

  • Kids learn at their own pace and at the comfort of their own home.
  • Kids expand their creative horizons as well as imagination.
  • Kids develop computational, system and design thinking skills
  • Kids develop problem solving skills
  • Kids develop other soft skills such as discipline, perseverance as well as resilience

When can a kid start attending an online program?

Kids do not have to be technology whizz to attend online programs. However, they need to have basic proficiency to use mouse or mousepads, understand how to use virtual conference platforms and search engines such as Google, Firefox, or Yahoo. Kids can usually start attending online programs around the age of 6. 

What technology is required to attend an online program?

Online learning uses several digital technologies, including:

  • computer or laptop
  • internet
  • virtual conference platforms including Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams
  • educational platforms including Scratch, TinkerCAD, and Unity

Kids may also need access to their emails.

How long is each online program?

Kids usually attend weekly 1-hour lessons and the duration of each online program is 10 weeks. 

How do I enrol in PIEX’s online programs?

Visit our website at www.piexeducation.com/programs for more information about our online programs.

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