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March is here! We are in the amazing Women’s History Month. Last year’s theme for International Women’s Day was #EachforEqual. Something that the world is in dire need of. 

But what do you understand by that? What does equality mean to you? This is a simple enough message, but in reality, is it? It just means all of us are for all of us. We and our ancestors, as womankind, have moved mountains to be where we are currently. Yet, the biggest mountain looming ahead of us is the need for equality. A need for feminism. A need for change. One such field in the dire need of change is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). A field that is an amalgamation of all these subjects. It also involves practical application of these subjects. Lucy Waddington says, “The number of women in the Australian STEM workforce has dwindled down to a mere 16%”. This is not just happening in Australia! In Scotland, the number of women who take up higher education in STEM subjects is way higher than those who actually make a career in the STEM fields. The underrepresentation of women in such a progressive and essential field would lead us to a firm belief that we need to take steps early on, for girls to have a career in STEM. What can you this women’s day, as a parent, do to ensure your little girl changes the world as we know it?

Cultivate Your Child’s Creativity

Children are born artists. It is by exposure to the societal conditions that they learn how to channel it or wear it, unlearn it. It is upto us to always harvest their creativity. Let them explore the world, but with a reassurance that they are backed by your support. Creativity is the key to solving many queries in the world and STEM is no difference.

Watch Your Words

Unfortunately, the world has created certain gender specific stereotypes which have made home in our casual conversations. We, as parents, need to be mindful of the way we speak to our girls. The sense of equality we wish to see in or children should be reflected in our words as well. Our words have far reaching consequences. For instance, in a social experiment, when children of either genders succeeded in a particular task, the girls were complimented with the words ’crafty’ and boys with the words ’smart’. Even the toys for the girls reflect a different skill set development. It is time we dispel those differences to give equal exposure to both genders to technology. PIEX coach teaching a girl student

Trial & Error Creates Room for Improvement

We understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. That is why we always have room for all kinds of trials and errors, which ultimately leads to improvements. Letting our girls know that they have the freedom to be as creative and innovative as they like, without hindering their thinking process, will help them to increase their cognitive abilities. This also allows them to learn from their mistakes and have the determination to succeed in their future. 

Sow the Seeds Early On

Giving your girl the exposure early on in her childhood will help in getting over the first barrier. The STEM classes for children are designed to be a lot of fun and educative at the same time. Coding, robotics are few of the contents which can even cause wonderment in adults, let alone the children. These classes take place in a very comforting and non-judgmental environment where children feel safe to explore and make mistakes which leads to all round growth and personality development.   

These are few of the ways we can have our girls making the much-needed contribution in the field of STEM. It is an ever-evolving, ever-growing field which is far from exhausting its capabilities. This women’s day, be #EachforEqual. Make your little girl the part of equal.

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