Embark on a Journey into 2D Animation with PIEX

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Unleashing Creativity:  PIEX's 2D animation course lays the foundation for creative expression, allowing children to explore the limitless possibilities of animation.

Mastering Animation Principles:  Children will delve into the 12 principles of animation, learning essential techniques to bring their characters to life with fluidity and expression.

Crafting Compelling Stories:  From script writing to storyboarding, kids will develop the storytelling skills necessary to create captivating animations with depth and emotion.

Bringing Characters to Life:  Through character creation, children will design unique and engaging characters that resonate with their audience, adding personality and charm to their animations.

Hands-on Experience with Scratch:  Using the Scratch programming language, kids will bring their ideas to fruition, developing and finalizing complete animations in a supportive and engaging environment.

What's covered in the PIEX 2D animation course

– Children will learn the 12 principals of animation, script writing, story boarding, character and background creation. – Children will use Scratch visual programming language to create the final animation. – live weekly sessions with our experience coaches who provide personalised feedbacks.

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Ready to unleash your child's creativity through 2D animation?  Enroll now in PIEX's course and watch as their imagination takes flight!