PIEX after school program

Discover a world of endless possibilities as your children immerse themselves in a technologically diverse environment at PIEX.  After school, unleash their curiosity and creativity through our exciting programs designed to spark innovation and passion for technology.

Exploration Opportunities: After school, children have the chance to explore a wide range of programs offered by PIEX, catering to various interests and passions.

Coding and Robotics:  Dive into the world of coding and robotics, where kids learn to think critically, problem-solve, and bring their creations to life through hands-on projects.

2D Animation:  Unleash your child's creativity with 2D animation, where they learn essential storytelling and animation principles while bringing their ideas to life on screen.

3D Modelling:  Journey into the realm of 3D modelling, where kids design and create intricate 3D projects, exploring the depths of their imagination in a virtual environment.

Game Design & Animation:  Enter the world of game design and animation, where kids develop their own games and characters, learning valuable skills in storytelling, design, and programming.

What's covered in the PIEX after school program?

– Children use Scratch coding software to create games and animations – Children use Mblock robotics software to make the robot move, make sound, light up, detect objects and more – Parents will receive final reports to keep track of their children's progress.

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Ready to enrich your child's after-school experience with PIEX's diverse programs?  Enroll now and watch them thrive in a world of creativity and innovation!