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Best Online Coding for Kids Courses and Programs in Australia

Choosing the best coding for kids courses can be a daunting task. However,  PIEX Education offers a number of different hands-on learning programs to help you decide the right path for your child. From online coding (MIT scratch coding) and online 3D modelling, to 2D animation and 3D animation and game design through PIEX’s STEAM after school and holiday programs.

Is Online Coding Good for Kids?

Coding and online coding as such, basically means to communicate with your computer. It involves using a specific programming ‘language’ to give your computer instructions to perform certain tasks to produce an outcome (Bonfiglio, 2018). The outcome generally includes producing computer software programmes, websites, apps and video games (Bonfiglio, 2018). 

Therefore, coding for kids is extremely good and important for them in building their ability to concentrate on and develop their computational thinking skills, as well as their Mathematics and writing capabilities. Thus providing them with the valuable skills they need in life and for their future in the workforce.

PIEX Education’s online coding for kids course provides one-to-one and group learning from the comfort of home! Based on the NSW school curriculum, PIEX’s Australian based instructors will teach your children everything on how to successfully code, providing a level of individualised learning that is fun and interactive tailored to each child’s learning needs, goals and interests. 

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Why is Scratch Coding Important?

When it comes to coding for kids, MIT scratch coding platform used by PIEX, is an amazing beginner-level, visual-based programming software offering kids a lot of functionality and opportunities to be creative (Larmand, 2018). 

Scratch coding involves drag-and-drop, block-based programming language allowing kids to create fun animations and great interactive games (Larmand, 2022). MIT scratch, as developed by MIT’s Media Lab, is an amazing and reliable programming language that PIEX’s coaches use to introduce kids to online coding, according to each child’s coding skills.

At PIEX, your children will learn how to create games and animation using MIT scratch’s visual programming software. They will be able to design their own games and create animation, as well as even program their very own robots to move, make sounds and so much more! 

How do I get my child started in 2D and 3D Animation?

PIEX Education’s coding for kids courses offer you both an online 2D and 3D animation experience for you and your child to choose from. Through PIEX’s 2D animation course, your child will learn story-telling through learning the 12 principles of animation, script writing, storyboarding, character and background design. They will, as such, get to use the capabilities of learning MIT scratch coding to make their ideas come to life. As your child develops advanced animation skills, they have the opportunity to move on to 3D game design and animation programs where they use Unity Bolt, a 3D animation learning program that shows them how to create and design their own games and animations in the 3D world!

What is Online 3D Modelling for kids about?


Online 3D modeling is the ability to create 3-dimensional digital effects, surfaces and objects through manipulating different shapes and edges in a simulated 3-dimensional space (Slick, 2020). 

As part of its coding for kids courses and programs, PIEX’s online 3D modelling course will teach your child to create 3D models using TinkerCAD software, building their foundations for future jobs in 3D architecture design, artistry, animation and so much more!  

What makes a great online After School?

A great after school and holiday program such as PIEX’s school holiday programs are a must in offering affordable after school and holiday activities. These are designed by education and industry experts that not only meet NSW school curriculum standards, but can also prepare your children for life beyond school, developing their computational and system thinking skills as mentioned above, including their design thinking abilities as well. This is especially so through PIEX’s STEAM holiday and after school programs where kids learn about and explore all areas of STEAM, combining the subjects of science, technology, engineering, the arts and Mathematics together. This also includes combining all the best parts of coding for kids courses in an after school and holiday learning program of scratch coding, robotics, online 3D modelling, 2D and 3D animation and game design. This was explored as such in PIEX’s recent Human Body STEAM 2022 holiday program, where kids got to look at how online coding and robotics combine to better understand human anatomy, and even technological prosthesis and invention. 

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