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Why Your Child Should Attend PIEX’s Online Coding Program

Ever thought about the importance of learning online coding and coding in general? And why is it important for your child and their future? Countries and companies around the world invest more and more in the economic and social advantages that digital technologies and newer software bring. Affecting all parts of the economy, from agriculture and manufacturing, to health and tourism, everyday services and education.  The Australian Government and Industry report on Australia’s Tech Future (2018) talks about the importance of digital technologies and new software in our daily lives. At the heart of better understanding and using these digital technologies and applications is learning coding.  Transferable job ready skills and knowledge combined with teamwork, communication and problem-solving are always on the rise (Australian Government and Industry report, 2018). And this may seem overwhelming, but everyone, young and old alike can and should have access to an affordable online learning program to teach them coding.
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How can PIEX ‘s Online Coding Program Prepare Your Child for their Future?

Online schools like PIEX Education, provide an exciting and effective learning program that can support your child’s future career through online coding. PIEX provides hands-on online learning opportunities that can be done from the comfort of home, at one’s own pace. PIEX’s coaches also have the necessary skills and knowledge of coding to teach everything your child needs to know! From the basics of Scratch coding to the advanced coding techniques of Unity Bolt. This is where game and animation design come to light in an easy learning program. According to the New South Wales Government (NSW Government, 2021) “the workforce of the future requires high levels of skills”, guided by responsible and “creative thinkers”. So, if you want your child to get ahead, enrol them in PIEX’s online coding and learning programs today to start their path to success!

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