5 Exciting Scratch Games for Kids

Discover the thrill of gaming with Scratch! Here are five exciting games that promise endless fun and creativity for kids.

Navigate through challenging levels filled with obstacles and traps. Test your reflexes and timing in this adrenaline-pumping platformer.

Geometry Dash

Enter a blocky world where you can build, explore, and survive. Craft tools, mine resources, and embark on epic adventures in this pixelated universe.

Paper Minecraft

Embark on a magical journey through a mystical realm filled with puzzles and challenges. Unravel secrets, defeat monsters, and save the kingdom in this enchanting adventure.

Mystic Valley

Experience the classic arcade game in Scratch form! Navigate mazes, eat pellets, and avoid ghosts to achieve high scores and become the ultimate Pac-Man champion.


Catch 'em all in this addictive clicker game inspired by the Pokemon universe. Train your Pokemon, battle opponents, and become a Pokemon master in this captivating clicker adventure.

Pokemon Clicker

From platformers and adventures to classics and clickers, these five Scratch games offer a diverse range of gaming experiences for kids.