Cutting-Edge Learning Programs By PIEX 

Discover the gateway to innovation in education with PIEX's comprehensive programs. From coding to animation, we empower educators and students alike to thrive in the digital age.

1. In School Program: Our curriculum-aligned programs in coding, robotics, 2D animation, and 3D modeling empower educators and students with essential skills for a future-focused education.

2. STEAM Teachers Training Course: Elevate your staff and school with STEAM training, ensuring they stay ahead in the 21st-century education revolution.

3. After School Programs: From game design to robotics, our after-school courses provide engaging learning experiences, fostering creativity and technical skills for educators and students alike.

4. Holiday Programs: Delve into coding, robotics, and STEAM activities in our dynamic holiday programs, where participants showcase their projects at the course's end.

5. Online Coding Programs for kids: Offering group or one-to-one online coding courses for kids, our interactive programs make learning to code enjoyable for educators and students from anywhere.

6. Online 2D Animation Program: Scriptwriting, storyboarding, and animation come together in our online 2D animation course, preparing kids for creative and innovative skills education.

7. 3D Modeling Course: Using TinkerCAD software, participants create stunning 3D models in our interactive course, receiving progress reports to track their growth.

8. 3D Game Design & Animation Course: With Unity Bolt programming, participants explore game design and animation, unlocking pathways to innovative educational experiences.